Nomination Categories

Change in Leadership Award (Male, Energy Sector)

  • Recognizes a man who has shown by deed, actions and accomplishment the advancement of other women professionals, or how the nominee has a track record of success and accomplishments by mentoring and/or supporting other women in their profession, industry or enterprise


Change in Leadership Award (Female, Energy Sector)

  • Recognize a woman who has made significant contributions in their profession, industry or enterprise with a track record of change, innovation, inspiration, accomplishments and/or achievements.


Young Achievers Award 

  • Recognize a woman with less than 5 years in profession (business or working) who shows growth, success and achievement in their enterprise.


Innovator of the Year (Company, Energy Sector) 

  •    Company that has demonstrated outstanding innovation, customer wins and deployment in the last 18           months, in which a woman was integral to that success. 


Women in Social Service Award (Energy Sector)

  •   This award will recognize women who have achieved success in senior executive or non-executive roles in        universities and national institutions


Employer of the Year (Energy Sector) 

  •    How you as an employer look after your diversed workforce specifically women employees so they take             care of your business. 


Entrepreneur of the year Award (Energy Sector)

  •    This award is for women who own or run a business and is successfully trading internationally. The                   applicant should ideally be able to demonstrate where their products / services are affecting the women in       the Energy sector.


Excellence in Equality and Diversity Award

  • The award is for an organization or an employee network that has tackled issues internally or externally to    influence change in the field of equality and diversity, giving every individual a chance to achieve their              potential, free from prejudice and discrimination. The category will also evaluate how you have promoted        diversity in your organisation & the benefits that have resulted from the initiative.


Women Personality of the Year Award

  •   This award will recognize outstanding achievements in a professional career. The nominee should have            contributed significant time, energy and spirit in his or her professional life, without regard to personal          gain. Also whose professional service goes beyond “normal” responsibilities, creating a lasting and                    beneficial impact for the industry.


Workforce Engagement Award

  • The award will recognizes the outstanding steps taken by companies to give their workforce a voice in the organisation and develop and empowering culture of diversity & inclusion that delivers commercial and reputational benefits for the company.

Jury Award


Selection Criteria

  •   Any Person or Group of persons may nominate an individual or an organization from the energy sector for    an award in specified category.

  •   Self nomination is also valid

  •   The process is open to the energy sector and nominees are notified of their nomination. 

  •  Deadline to recieve nomination is 31st March 2020.  

  •  Nomination application and supporting materials must be received by the deadline to be considered.

  •   The nomination should be based on the objective of identifying and recognizing excellent individuals and        firms from a comprehensive and diverse range of fields based on contribution to positive advancements.


Eligibility / Screening Process

  •   All nominations will be reviewed by the Advisory committee of the award to ensure they meet eligibility            criteria by the deadline specified. 

  •   The Advisory committee based on the established selection criteria will develop a list for assessment. 

  •   If necessary, Advisory committee requests Innovative Concepts to collect further information on the                candidates to clarify eligibility for award.

  •   The Advisory Committee will evaluate the nominees and recommend it to the ‘Achievement Awards’                  Chairman for final approval.

  •   The decision of the jury is final and cannot be contested.